Walker Montgomery

Artist bio:

When Walker Montgomery first stepped out onstage at the County Fair in Nicholasville, Kentucky, a town that had already given birth to not one, but TWO country stars, his father John Michael Montgomery and his uncle Eddie, he knew he had some pretty darn big shoes to fill. And the warm welcome and overwhelming love and support he received that night inspired him so much that he went home and wrote an anthem to them that would become his first single, “Simple Town.”

The song has quickly become a local radio favorite, and is a tribute to the area he and his family have always called home and one that helped shape the young man he has become. Fond memories of small town squares, dates down by the creek, fun at the county fair and flags flying proudly above it all, paint a perfect picture of small town U.S.A. where Walker reminds us Jesus and Jones often still reign. For him, the song encapsulates everything he loves about the place his roots are deeply planted and where he built his wings. And boy… is he ready to fly.

Montgomery was exposed to the music business from an early age, and his dad put a Baby Taylor in his hands by the time he was five years old and taught him the basics, but was wise enough to let his son find his own way musically, offering plenty of support but also healthy space to create his own path.